Tchernichovsky is one of the tastiest stretches in Tel Aviv, with street food joints like the famed Sabich (even the late, great foodie Anthony Bourdain paid a visit) and Falafel Johnny, alongside chef restaurants like the veteran Tchernichovsky 6 and trendy Sahki Sahki. On the street you will also find a variety of beauty salons, a gym, kiosks, a historic photography shop and a second-hand bookstore.

In the neighborhood, which has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in the field of architecture, there are various landmarks to visit, including Meir Garden, Bialik Square and the first city hall, the beach, the Carmel Market, the Yemenite Quarter, Nahalat Binyamin Artists Market on Tuesdays and Fridays and some of the best cafes and bars in the city.

Trust us, we will direct you to the right place at the right time when you are visiting, and we will customize your ultimate Tel Aviv experience to make the most out of your stay.