• what has always been...

    ...will always be

    A new hotel in the beating heart of Tel Aviv (opened at spring 2018)


    I grew up in Tel Aviv, in the city center. Not far from the shuk, on one of the small streets that looks like a picture from a history book. The buildings, the trees, the sights and smells, and most of all the people, are the city - are what makes her what she is. I stroll the streets in the mornings, looking , gazing, smelling. There are things that change every couple of years, and there are things that seem to have always been here, that are inseparable from this place, that this place can't seem to do without. Things that make you happy that they exist. 


    Like the coffee house on Tchernikhovski 17, the one that feels like it's been there forever - small, intimate, relaxed, diverting, and really delicious. The neighbors all call it "the right place" - a place where you'll always find interesting people and hear mesmerizing conversations. It's not in a rush, it doesn't care about keeping up with the latest trends. It's here. Like summer and winter, like morning and night. You can always stop there to sit and think, to chat, to look out at the neighborhood, to look out at the world. Inside, on the walls and on the shelves, you'll always find interesting works of art and other curious items. I always find something I've never seen before. Different, but not new. Something I simply hadn't noticed until now. Endless levels and layers and stories, just like the neighborhood itself. 


    And upstairs, there's the hotel. A few rooms, a large balcony, and another. Not cheap, but no so expensive either. High ceilings, large windows. Pleasant, spacious, and bright. But mostly pleasant, even optimistic. Perfect for those who really want to get close to the city, to feel her. For those who can probably pay more but choose not to, who value the important things in life - a good coffee, an unconventional sandwich, a quality photograph, an interesting story. These are the truly important things. For them, the greatest luxury is knowing they've found the place that is the most captivating, the most spellbinding. The place that's the truest to the city, that feels as though it's always been there, that has always been the city's best kept secret, to those who live here and those who live here for just a night or two, or maybe more. This place is an old city-dweller with a story a soul, the soul of an artist that never tires of discovery, of searching, of hugging or of laughing. The perfect rest to one's head, to fall asleep and dream, and wake up to a new morning in the heart of the city.