The coffee is ready! And yes, it is also open on Saturdays. On the hotel's entrance floor you will find Gili’s Coffee House. Perfect coffee and incredible breakfasts are waiting for you in a cool and updated atmosphere. On our menu, you can find avocado toast and poached egg on wild bread, or a Jerusalem bagel with dips and vegetables, alongside a dizzying selection of fresh pastries from "Reviva and Celia" mythological bakery. The drinks menu includes Mauro's coffee, chocolate with pralines, chai, maccha, and morning cocktails. At noon, light dishes are served accompanied by carefully selected French wines.


On the fourth floor you will find the balcony; an ideal space for meeting friends and new people, or getting work done. Filled with comfortable sofas, a projector with a scroll-down screen and a variety of games, digital nomads, loungers and minglers blend into the friendly, co-work atmosphere with high-speed internet and desks in the pleasant, efficient space. The balcony is open 24/7 and is equipped with a free espresso and tea corner, and a soft and alcoholic drinks bar (the self-service is based on the honor system.


Looking for refuge? Our roof is a relaxing spot for taking in Tel Aviv’s skyline; a unique combination of white-washed Bauhaus buildings and glistening, modern skyscrapers. Bring along a good book and settle into one of the comfortable sun beds, or just enjoy the breeze. On the roof you will also find a shower for refreshing, clean towels, and a refrigerator full of soft drinks and alcohol (the self-service is based on the honor system.