• The Saul Hotel's Sustainable and Ecological Standards

    Making The Saul an ecological and environmentally-responsible hotel has been an imperative work in progress. We are leading this initiative in Israel by example and setting a crucial precedent, as we are the first hotel in the country to follow the standards of excellence set forth by Green Key, an international eco framework for global tourism.

    We consider the environment in everything that we do and any possible action we take is with the intention of reducing our carbon footprint.


    The Green Key Program & The Saul


    Since 1994, Green Key has been championing leading examples of sustainable operations within the tourism industry. Run by the Foundation for Environmental Education, it provides a well-researched, certified framework for an establishment to work with its environmental management on sustainability issues, including raising awareness. The top standards expected of these establishments are maintained through rigorous documentation and frequent on-site audits. Green Key is eligible for hotels, hostels, small accommodations, campsites, holiday parks, conference centers, restaurants, and attractions.

    Under the umbrella of various other efforts and activities we conduct to ensure the sustainable productivity of Hotel Saul, here are several of the consistent, daily practices we put into action under Green Key's guidance:


    We take care to separate all packaging and organic waste as well as recycle everything possible, including glass bottles.

    Energy & Water

    We use barriers in each of our hotel rooms in order to reduce water consumption.
    The Saul uses LED lights throughout the hotel and a MISO system (VRF) which acts as a power-saving system throughout the premises.
    We use an economical water heating system that works only according to each guests' consumption needs and SUNERGY windows, which provide a dual benefit of maintaining room temperatures, while also utlizing natural light in each room.
    The Saul uses reusable utensils in the hotel's public areas and in any setting where reducing waste is possible, such as bottles.



    When it comes to housekeeping and overall cleanliness for the hotel grounds, The Saul uses ecological cleaning materials with a European ECO certificate.
    We reduce guest laundry by asking our guests to communicate with us in regard to what they have used and not used; if towels or linens in the room are not being used, we ask them to be left untouched. 


    Circular Economy


    All of The Saul's employees are directly employed and offered full benefits.
    Of the hotel's products, 70% are sourced from local suppliers who manufacture their goods within the country.

    As a hotel and as a team, we strive to continuously progress and make our establishment work towards making a difference in our community, country and industry. We are doing what we can within our abilities and means, and we know the efforts we make are a crucial and substantial element for our guests when making the choice of where to stay on their travels. When our guests commit to staying with us because of our pledge to honor sustainable practices, it motivates us to do more and raise even more awareness. This positive action on both ends is the change that we and our Earth need to make significant change for the better. We are here for it.


    With gratitude,
    Hotel Saul Staff