Genuine Hospitality. This is the our common denominator and what makes our work rather enjoyable!

    Our team was chosen carefully. Only people with the right DNA -  natural hosts who simply love to help.

    We are multi lingual and among our team you will find Israeli's, Russians, Ukrainian, Latvian, Romanian and Italian. some of us also speak fluent French and Spanish, as well as basic Portuguese.

    We guarantee that you will feel welcomed, anytime, and any question or issue will be addressed and solved with professionalism.


    Teona Nebieridze - Housekeeping Maid

    Ineza Koridze - Housekeeping Maid

    Daniele Paoli - Front Office & Reservations Agent

    Olya Nevo - Front Office & Reservations Agent

    Kat Kordonchu - Front Office & Reservations Agent

    Veronica Greenbeyn - Front Office & Reservations Agent

    Omer Bin - Front Office & Reservations Agent

    Marina Nanikshvili - Housekeeping Manager

    Raya Paleyev - Front Office & Reservations Manager

    Ohad David - Maintenance Manager

    David Wartenberg - General Manager